Bryan da Frota stands as Managing Director for Aeroinformal with over 15 years of experience in the unmanned systems industry.

Maintained by an entrepreneurial spirit, Bryan da Frota took a pioneer’s leap into the space long before “drones” achieved household recognition. The experience oversaw the journey from start-up to establishing venture-capital backed status.  His developed technology, which was recognized for autonomously avoiding obstacles in supervised tests, was one of the first to be awarded a 333 exemption.

Bryan da Frota Aeroinformal

What is a Section 333 Exemption?

Aircraft operation is required by law to be facilitated strictly under certificated and registered aircrafts. Any persons operating said aircraft must be licensed and approved, as per observation from the Federal Aviation Administration. If an applicant is granted Section 333 exemption, then they are allowed the ability to facilitate commercial aircraft operation. Since the inception of commercial access to this exemption, only less than six-thousand petitions have been granted.  

Bryan da Frota’s unmanned aerial system was one of the few to achieve the exemption, which enabled his company to export products to:

  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • The Middle East

The success of this UAS is what inspired Bryan da Frota to found Aeroinformal. Joined by other entrepreneurs backed by success in this industry, he uses the advice blog turned consulting firm as a way to lend expertise to individuals embarking on the adventure of breaking into the growing field of UAS. As drones become a more viable and prevalent method of transportation, there are opportunities to be claimed by entrepreneurial hopefuls and their startup ideas.

Hoping to broaden the outside understanding of the business angle of unmanned aerial systems, Bryan da Frota often participates in traveling panels focused on the subject. He lends advice on airspace, export laws and the UAS industry as a whole. As the field expands, new ideas spark hot investment opportunities. No matter what level of the journey your start-up has achieved, the Aeroinformal team will help you navigate to the next stage.

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