Hey guys, kind of stuck on this problem here. Gateron Ink v2 Switches. Add To Cart Gateron Silent Black Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Linear - 10 Pack (Gateron) $12.50. $123.99 Next page. $6.00 The Silk Series. Gateron Caps switches. NK_ Blueberry. Ever wonder what Gateron Blues felt like? Add to basket. Let’s break down this switch rivalry. share. The Gateron Ink switches feature a transparent smokey housing. These are brand new, I only used them for a sound test. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. 100% Upvoted. Smoky coloured housings (top and bottom) Black stems. For this review I’ve used them in an Alu 60% plate, with a HS60v2, in an alu 60% case. hide. New Switches: Gateron Ink Black v2 (lubed, filmed, spring swapped) [Sound Test in Comments] photos. Weighting: 8/10 . Type Test of Gateron Black Ink v2 (Stock, Lubed, & Filmed) youtu.be/-AgBrw... 0 comments. Since they are more than just two popular brands that sound promising at providing really good switch options that are worth the price points. Want to use Gateron Reds for your WASD, but Gateron Blacks for all your other keys? Special offers and product promotions. Gateron MX SMD Gateron Switches 3pin SMD LED Underglow Led Compatible for MX Mechanical Keyboard Transparent Cover White Base . The Gateron Ink switches feature a transparent smokey housing. Holy Pandas // Keychron K6. Gateron Blue Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Tactile, Click - 10 Pack: UP TO 50% QUANTITY DISCOUNT! Black Inks: Linear | 4.0mm travel | 60g Actuation | 70g Bottom Out Red Inks – Linear | 4.0mm travel | 45g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out Yellow Inks – Linear | 3.4mm travel | 60g Actuation | 67g Bottom Out Buy GK61 Custom Keyboard/ Gateron Black Inks in Singapore,Singapore. Some of my switches on my new build sound a lot different to others on the same build. 6 months ago. $6.86 Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance. On sale at NovelKeys soon.tm. Like the silencing rubber material on the stem was sticking to the top housing. best. Gateron Black Ink V2 (x51) $41 Free Shipping CONUS; Gateron Milky Black (x51) $15 Free Shipping CONUS: Both : $53 Free Shipping CONUS: All switches are clipped. Quantity must be 1 or more. Gateron Ink Black weird sound. Quantity. hide. Gateron switches win this section because they are quieter, but since some people prefer a louder switch, it ultimately comes down to preference. The pack gives you the opportunity to test all the Gateron (and Kailh) switches we offer, so you can rest assured you'll find the ones that will suit your keyboard the most. With that being said, many switches will still benefit from using them. Gateron does not make a Silent Red Ink. I've recently lubed (Krytox205g0) and filmed my Gateron Black switches and I'm really loving the buttery smooth feeling and nice bottom out feeling of the. SOLD OUT. Be the first to share what you think! Gateron vs Cherry Gateron vs Cherry is a big question within the mechanical keyboard community. Paid expedited and International options are also available. $6.00 Kailh Box silent switches Pink/Brown. 70g Bottom out. And as mentioned above, this is the only switch in the Ink lineup to get the silent treatment. Or what is the craze behind the Cherry MX clears? Gateron Ink Switches. from $18.00 SWITCHES *70. from $14.00 TTC Gold Brown V3 switches. Gateron switch or Cherry switch, which one will best for you? - Gateron Inks Black v2 - Creamy Inks (Gat Ink Black v2 housings and spring but with NK Cream stem) - Gateron Inks Black v2 (Thick Thock 65g DL spring swap) - Creamy Inks (Thick Thock 65g DL spring swap) - Tangy-ink (??) SOLD OUT. Posted by. New Switches: Gateron Ink Black v2 (lubed, filmed, spring swapped) [Sound Test in Comments] photos. Weight.3 kg: Colour: Ink Red, Ink Yellow, Ink Black, Ink Blue, Ink Silent Black. Sort by. The bottoming out isn't mushy to me, pretty solid, but if you find typing on Cherry silent reds bottoming out to be mushy, then this will probably feel almost the same. The spring inside is coated black to match the switch housing. $38.50 - $60.50 The Dry Series. The plastic housing on these switches became loose over time. The ASDF sound more clicky and loud than any other keys on the board. Arrives before Christmas. This switch is made out of a new type of plastic. THE BAD POINTS: Off-center keypresses still present noticeable amounts of scratchiness. Add Your Review. Give me more switches in this weighting and I’ll keep giving high scores all around. Regular price $12.00 Sale price from $11.80 NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Pinks. Gateron mechanical switches were created to compete with other high quality mechanical switches while being more affordable. 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,447. Some keys also are scratchier than others indicating quality inconsistency. With a full aluminum keyboard and all of the switch mods, lets see just how well these Gateron Ink switches perform. 64. All the Gateron switches are of a high quality, rivalling, and arguably even surpassing that of Cherry MX switches. (Gat Ink Black v2 housings and spring but with Dark Green C3 Tangerine stem) I tried to do this testing as systematic/mechanical as possible. The Silk Series. The v2's now have an upgraded housing that helps make the contact leaves more secure. Gateron Ink switches are a bit different from the normal Gateron switch, they are what we would consider Gateron’s “premium switch” due to the higher price point. 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,864. Add To Cart Gateron Black Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Linear - 10 Pack (Gateron… Overview . $6.00 Novelkeys X kailh Blueberry switches. 60g is the sweet spot for my typing use. If we were looking at which Gateron switches would be better for use with gaming keyboards, then I'd have to say you should go for Gateron Red or Black switches. This switch is very smooth and has little spring crunch. 60g Actuation. The Dry Series . You could also consider the Gateron Brown switch that strikes a balance between both typing and gaming. However, more expensive linear switches such as the NovelKeys Cream and Gateron Black Ink are far smoother. La SoundLink Colour étonne et tient toutes ses promesses : un son bien équilibré, un bon compromis de taille, une ergonomie bien pensée, une finition propre et une autonomie de haut niveau. Gateron Ink Black switches have been a favorite in the community for quite a while now, so I decided to test the switches out. I can say that is very much not my experience with these switches and am very happy with the silencing. Want to use Gateron Reds for your WASD, but Gateron Blacks for all your other keys? Black Gateron Switches . The switches in diffferent angles. Viaky 30 Pcs Black Clips Self Adhesive Backed Nylon Wire Adjustable Cable Clips Adhesive Cable Management Drop Wire Holder. Colour : Clear: Gateron Ink Switches (V2) quantity. the only difference between red and blacks is … From GAre you confused between the Gateron VS Cherry? Type Test of Gateron Black Ink v2 (Stock, Lubed, & Filmed) Close • Posted by just now. Selling them for what I paid. Note:10 switches per pack INK Red (linear) Pcb mount Actuation: 50gBottom: 67gTravel: 4 mm INK Black (linear) Pcb mount Actuation: 60gBottom: 80gTravel: 4 mm INK Yellow (linear) Pcb mount Actuation: 60gBottom: 67gTravel: 3.4 mm INK Blue (Clicky) Pcb mount Actuation: 75gBottom: 60gTravel: 4 … The hallmark differences of the Ink switches are the clear smoky housing, different plastic material, lower pitch sound, and smoother feel. I'm considering getting the Gateron Ink Blacks/Ink Silents and was wondering how much of a difference it would be if I lubed and filmed all of them compared to the Gateron Blacks I'm currently enjoying. If you compare the general sound level of Gateron switches to Cherry, Gateron switches should be quieter accross the board, however in a few switch color variations, Cherry MX might be louder. Regular price $7.50 Sale price $7.50 Sale. Available in 5 different styles. $59.99 $ 59. Your Name: Email Address: Review: Note: HTML is not translated! $52.50 - $99.00 NK_ Blueberry. $6.50 Save $3.00 Pls do not delete it! To sum up, no matter what you'll be using your mechanical keyboard for, there's always a Gateron switch designed to meet your needs. Weighting: 8/10 . Mizar MZ60 Luna Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 61 Keys Multi Color RGB LED Backlit for PC/Mac Gamer (Black, Gateron Optical Red) 4.5 out of 5 stars 11. Gateron Ink Series Linear. Black Gateron Switches . report. I was told that past Gateron Silent Switches had a stickiness when pressing down. Or what is the craze behind the Cherry MX clears? Sold in packs of 10; Actuation Force: 60g; Tactile, Clicky; PCB Mount; MX-Compatible Stem * Free shipping applies to standard continental US orders. 0 comments. Some enthusiasts prefer Cherry for their company's history of innovation and quality. 100% Upvoted. Additional information Help Additional information. 1 month ago. ~ Everglide pink screw in stabilizers that have been lubed and bandaid modded. save. 99. Sort By: Show: Gateron Black Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Linear - 10 Pack (Gateron) $8.50. Ever wonder what Gateron Blues felt like? Related products. Available in 5-pin! Red, Yellow, Black (Linear), and Blue (Clicky). no comments yet. For more information and test results regarding actuation/bottom out weights, check out the /r/MK Wiki - Gateron Switch Guide.. Related Products:-Cherry MX Switches-Custom MX Springs-Krytox Switch LubeOrder $50 or more and receive FREE US SHIPPING and 1/2 OFF INTERNATIONAL -- … Normal Gateron Switches are (usually) 5-pin. Gateron Ink v2 Switches. The Verdict. Add to cart 1 Quantity = 10 switches. These don't feel like a harsh bottom or too soft. share. $3.40 SWITCHES *50. from $10.00 Switches x90. Close. Mechanical keyboard switch films are an ingenious invention that has two useful features. I received these switches and was keen to try them out asap. they will sound (almost) exactly the same. Want to make your typing or gaming perfect and speedy? report. I ended up lubing, filming, and installing them into the KBD75 custom build. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. help. ~Gateron Black ink linear switches 68g. Switch films we’re first invented to correct problems people were having with vintage black switches. Gateron Ink v2 Series Switches. It’s a night and day difference in a blind test with only the best contactless switches surpassing it. The underside of the PCB has foam placed to reduce board flex and isolate the sound. I have uploaded a sound test here, hopefully you can hear it. $6.50 Sold Out TTC SILENT Red V2 SWITCHES. GK61 Custom Keyboard Gateron Black Inks lubed with Krytox 205g0 2 of them are C3 Banana Splits cause I ran out GMK Metropolis themed Keycaps Sound Test: Chat to Buy Kailh BOX Silent Switches. Other users prefer Gateron for being an industry upstart producing smoother, more cost-effective switches. Gateron is also noted to have a slightly more pronounced bump feeling on actuation. 10 of each have been lubed with 205g0. save. The SMD switches are 3-pin. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Shipping calculated at checkout. The Gateron silent black only feels a little heavier than the Cherry Silent Reds. $45.50 - $71.50 Kailh BOX Silent Switches. FREE Shipping by Amazon.

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