I’m launching this site to tell my story and to use the blog to create a space for entrepreneurs to dig into the path. I have had a ton of experiences, I have seen many sides of the business world, and I hope that my experiences can help you. At a minimum I hope to create a space where people can understand me.

I have been an entrepreneur all of my career. I launched a venture funded company in 2003, we raised 4 rounds of financing, launched 5 products to market and did more pivots than I care to think about. I helped a friend successfully sell their company, and now I am embarking on buying a company as part of my new gig, Broadtree Partners.



Principle and Operating Partner

Broadtree Partners is a boutique private equity fund developed to provide exiting / retiring business owners the opportunity to exit their companies smoothly and transition leadership to a new, capable management team. We work to maintain the legacies that owners have built with their businesses.

Broadtree is focused on operations, with strong leaders we can deploy to continue growing the companies we acquire.

2016 – AUGUST 2017

Vice President of Strategic Growth

Focused Management Solutions (FMS) is a nationally recognized administrative and program management organization that specialized in helping clients deliver efficient and effective government services. FMS combines the development of training programs that target the most challenging problems faced by the national workforce system with fiscal and programatic accountability. FMS’s mission is to empower entrepreneurship through its two primary initiatives, Startup Quest and Ownforce.


  • Reorganized the business to prepare for sale.
  • Successfully led and completed the transaction to sell the business to a strategic acquirer (Public Consulting Group).

Learn more about the projects and businesses I’ve helped develop.