Since June 2017, Bryan da Frota has been an integral part of the team at Broadtree Partners, engaging in his current role as Principal and Operating Parnter. His diverse background in entrepreneurship and business management has aptly prepared him for this role as he continues to help the company innovate, grow, and thrive in its industry.

Bryan da Frota Broadtree Partners

Broadtree Partners is a registered investment adviser born from the innovative perspectives of accomplished entrepreneurs. The partnership actively seeks out and acquires businesses maintained by owners who are interested in transitioning out of their current leadership roles. Whether the business owners are looking to retire or exit their company by some other means, the Operating Partners at Broadtree Partners help to assist in the process. The goal of Broadtree Partners is to seamlessly facilitate an appropriate shift of leadership within these acquired companies while retaining and preserving the original owner’s legacy.

Bryan da Frota’s business-centric mentality and entrepreneurial repertoire make him a perfect fit for the role of Principal and Operating Partner. His years of experience in the world of business offer him the understanding necessary for the processes carried out by Broadtree Partners. Having built start-ups from the ground up on his own, he fully comprehends the relationship between a business owner and his/her company. For three years, he worked as a Business Consultant within his own project AeroInformal. The role allowed him to mentor entrepreneur hopefuls by offering advice on a wide range of topics including business, start-ups and capital formation.

When an exiting business owner signs on with Broadtree Partners, he/she can remain confident that his/her business will be in good hands. The Operating Partners of the Broadtree Partners team carry out the process in a manner that caters to the benefits of not only the former owner, but also the company as a whole and its future endeavors. The overall goal of the process is to preserve the former owner’s legacy with the future of the business in mind.

Broadtree Partners, LLC is backed by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. All Operating Partners in the collective maintain solid backgrounds in business and entrepreneurship. When a business owner teams up with Broadtree, he/she can rest assured knowing that the transition of leadership within his/her company will be facilitated as productively as possible.